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ReVisionSys® SG
Wall covering on a rail substructure
- Representation: CAD 3D isometry transparent
- veneering material: natural stone
- Substrate: stand construction in front of a wall
- Execution: room High
- Insulation: rock wool WLG035 A1 with air layer
- Degradation: veneering on the stand substructure, stand on the ground.
- Holding system: ReVisionSys® SG
Wandverkleidung auf Schienensystem
Wandverkleidung Juparana
ReVisionSys® Isometric 3D CAD representation with material assignment
Wall paneling facing plates
- Material here natural stone Juparana
- The facing panels are freely selectable in material type, color and format. However, it must be suitable for frictionally securing the base plates of the holding system, and according to the distance of the breakpoints have sufficient adhesive tension.
- wall cladding room high, reversible on rail system
- outside corner mitred
- Bumped inside corner
- Double socket with terminal box system
- Insulation with air layer

Material: natural stone multicolor red
Laying: in the middle bed on screed
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